Weaponize NLP in Front Office Workflows

Anthony Tassone

February 12, 2020


On 5 February 2020, GK spoke at the FinJS conference in Toronto about how to power automation in front office workflows using natural language processing.

FinJS is a JavaScript for finance conference that brings together professionals across the capital markets network to showcase innovations driven by web technologies.

For GreenKey, this was an opportunity to demonstrate our NLP Studio desktop application – Focus Studio. Anthony Tassone, GK’s Founder and CEO, gave a presentation about how natural language processing works and the many benefits it can bring to sales and trading professionals across financial markets. He showcased our NLP technology in action – a trade quote was captured and converted into structured data that can be leveraged to power workflows and automation.

Anthony also shared the top 10 use cases of natural language processing:

  1. Trending Product Mentions
  2. Classify Conversations
  3. OTC Transaction Analysis
  4. CRM Population
  5. Voice Populate Forms
  6. Bots
  7. Word Complexity Models
  8. SEC Filings
  9. Best Execution
  10. Research-to-Trade Mapping

Other exhibitors include Tier 1, RBC, WalkMe, Gitlab, Infragistics and OpenFin. The predominant themes of the conference were workflow efficiencies, interoperability of systems and data, and improving the customer experience.

For example, Kim Prado of RBC Capital Markets spoke about how they are changing the client experience for capital markets by using interoperability platforms across the bank to distribute data and power their workflows. By connecting the dots between different pieces of technology, RBC is more efficient in their work and able to provide better insights and service to their customer base. Kim also highlighted how GK is a key part of their journey in achieving those objectives.

Chris Contrino, GK’s Customer Success Manager, particularly enjoyed the industry panel on The Power of Workflow Efficiency within Capital Markets. Speakers on the panel included Laurent Zajfe from TD Securities, Michael DeLorenzo from RBC Capital Markets and Doug Christensen from Tier1 Financial Solutions. The discussion was moderated by Adam Toms from OpenFin.

Contrino said “I found it quite interesting when Laurent Zajfe spoke about the ROI when buying and implementing technology. He mentioned that it is difficult to demonstrate the ROI, although that is key to adoption and expansion. People are generally fearful of fronting the cost of a project unless or until they see the ROI upfront.”

GK thoroughly enjoyed the conference and would like to thank the teams at FinJS, OpenFin and RBC for hosting what was a fantastic event. We look forward to attending the next conference in NYC in March!